Money imagesIt was a wow experience yesterday on Top Radio 90.9FM Lagos Nigeria as we chewed and digested vital truth on how to navigate through economic downturn.

Regardless of where you are on the face of the earth, you have your own share or experience of the on-going loll in the economies of the world.

However, as I said on Radio, there are a number of opportunities around us that we can take advantage of. Nothing limits man like a lack of any of these four;

  1. Information
  2. Revelation
  3. Knowledge
  4. Disposition


Decisions are taken based on information. The quality of the information you have and act upon, determines the quality of your decision. And the quality of your decision determines the quality of outcome you get.

There are quantum opportunities around you and I regardless of our location. The question is: are you aware of the existence of such opportunities? The opportunities that you are aware of, which of them did you act upon?

Information sources can be;

  1. Primary– This is information you obtained yourself. Either through interview, observation, questionnaire etc etc
  2. Secondary– This is information you obtained through another source or third party or agency.

Whatever is your source, apply some level of caution even before you proceed with your decision!


Revelation is higher than information. Revelation is heavenly insight that brings light upon a confusing or worrying state, situation or circumstance.

Revelation is heavenly download of vital truth that has capacity to liberate, to transform, to edify and to comfort.

What revelation do you have about the present economic downturn? What revelation do you have about what you are going through right now? What is your disposition to the revelation that you have?

There are two critical sources of revelation;

  1. Direct– This is revelation that you obtain direct from the throne room of Heaven. It is revelation that comes from your direct relationship with your Maker- God Almighty. It is what God tells you directly either through His voice or through His Spirit or nudging (leading) of the Spirit.
  2. Indirect– This is revelation that comes through God’s servants. God can use anybody to bring an heavenly insight to you. But that insight must not in anyway be contrary to the word of God. Why? The word of God is the standard of God!


God said in the Bible;

“My people perish for lack of knowledge…….’’ Hosea 4 Vs 6 KJV

Nothing kills like ignorance. Ignorance is deadly. A lack of knowledge will put ignorance on fire. And you know fire can ravage anything on its path.

Knowledge is available to everyone who desires to acquire it. The more knowledge you have, combining it with wisdom, which is defined as the correct application of knowledge, the better you and I are.

Interestingly knowledge can be acquired if you are willing to acquire it.


Your disposition to opportunities and to the events around you is very very important. Your actions, inactions, words and body language all add to either create a pathway for you to be successful or place a limitation on you.

What is your disposition to all that is happening around you? What is your disposition to what you are going through personally? Is there a correlation between what your Maker has in stock for you and your disposition? What is your disposition to opportunities around you?

See what your Maker says;

“If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land”

Isaiah 1 Vs 19

The question is are you willing?

If your answer is yes, then read the opportunities below;



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Over to you now to navigate your way out of this economic downturn taking advantage of the two opportunities above.