Job-seekers-006Unconfirmed sources put the population of Nigeria at between 180 million and 200 million but officially, National population commission puts its moderately at 165 million. Out of these statistics, it is generally agreed that 80% (i.e 132 million) of these population are youth within the age bracket of 0-40 years. Now, the implication of these is that there are more people of age 6-25 who are within the school going age and we can safely estimate that there is another group of age 18-55 who are within the working age bracket, who will need a job.

At present also, according to a media source, there are 147 universities, 95 polythechnics and 83 colleges of education in Nigeria, both privately owned and goverment owned. So, if we take only universities that usually have the highest enrolment and say hypothetically that each university admits a moderate 3,000 students, out of which say 2,600 may graduate from various departments in each university, an average of 382,200 graduates will be produced yearly from all the universities in Nigeria when 2,600 is multiplied by 147. 382,200 from the universities alone without including those of polytechnics and colleges of education. If we do a conservative consideration of polytechnics and colleges of education, we can say, both institutions of higher learning can churn out say 230,000 graduates a year. Putting 382,200 and 230,000 together, we should have an estimated 612,200 graduates yearly from all the tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

From above analyses, you should have an idea of the number of graduates higher institutions in Nigeria churn out yearly. These statistics does not include those who graduated from universities outside Nigeria. And you know there is quite a huge number of Nigerians studying or who have studied outside the country.

Now, lets examine the Nigerian economy to get a feel of the situation of things in these clime. In any thriving economy in the world, you have the following sectors;

  1. The manufacturing sector
  2. The Service sector
  3. The Merchandising industry.
  4. The Agricultural sector

Economic analyst generally say the manufacturing industries are the biggest and largest employer of labour and it is understandable because of the different aspects or divisions in the manufacturing environment.

As at today, the most thriving sectors in Nigeria are the service and the merchandansing industries. The banks, the telecommunication, the educational industry, the IT firms, audit firms, security firms, janitorial services firm etc are some of the organisations in the service industry. While those companies involved in buying and selling make up the merchandizing industry like those selling energy drink, books, laptops, phones etc. The few companies in the manufacturing industries, manufacture toothpaste, beverages, paints, pure water, bottled water, etc and how many of them are actually operating under full capacity utilization with the array of challenges faced by the manufacturing industries? The greatest challenges facing the manufacturing industries are;

  1. The influx of imported goods
  2. The unfavourable investment, business and financial climate
  3. Poor infrastructure
  4. Cripling energy crises
  5. Cost of raw materials and cost of production in general

Points 3-5 above has made locally manufactured goods unable to compete favourably with the imported goods due largely to pricing and quality. So, you get an idea of the reasons the few surviving manufacturing companies in Nigeria are not employing as much as they should. And you can take a stock of manufacturing concerns in Nigeria that has folded up or relocated to other countries for some of the reasons above.

The agricultural sector is the hope of Nigeria. Nigeria’s fortune lies in earnessing the opportunities in the agricultural industry. Unfortunately, that is perhaps the most neglected sector of the Nigerian economy. Reviving the fortunes of these sector goes beyond government giving fertilizers to farmers. When government holistically look into the fortunes of these sector, then Nigeria will be on the right side up!

All the challenges above are surmountable with a right thinking and focused government. And I am optimistic that the Buhari government should be an improvement (one that should steer the fortunes of Nigeria aright) on the abysmal failures of previous governments in Nigeria.

So, the few vacancies in the thriving industries in Nigeria are being chased by the huge population of graduates in search of employment. This is the bane of the Nigerian economy.

From the prognosis above, we can see the following;

  1. Many organisations in Nigeria are barely struggling to survive especially those in the manufacturing sector.
  2. There are too many qualified people chasing few good vacancies. In otherwords, the supply of labour is more than the demand for labour. And you know from economics that when supply is more than demand, price will fall. That is why there are graduates earning as low as N15,000.00 monthly if not less!


  1. As a result of supply of labour being more than demand for labour, you MUST be really outstanding to get a good job. You need to stand out of the crowd to be outstanding!
  2. You need to know how to write a winning cv. You may have a good result or certificate to get a good job but your cv arrangement is a reflection of your person. There are basic information that MUST be on your cv no matter how scanty or lengthy it is. I think I need to do an article on WINNING CV and highlight the common mistakes to avoid. I have partaken in recruitment for banks and other organisations, I know what they want.
  3. The God-factor can get a you a good job based on people you know, their influence and or just God’s favour and His goodness even without you knowing anybody. I know people who don’t know anybody who got good jobs in good organisations without any ‘Long-leg’. You don’t know how long God’s leg is until you receive a miracle job, favour or goodness in a place or country where you don’t know anybody!!
  4. Think of what you can do to create a product, service or what to sell that people will be willing to buy. Incorporate yourself. Like I can call my company ‘’Adegboyega ilori Nigeria Ltd’’. The opportunities in Nigeria are massive! The best way out of unemployement is to be a enterpreneur. But have you got the skill? The knowledge on ho to go about it? If you have decided on what trade or business to go into but you need someone to counsel you, please send a mail to me below. I do free consultation for people in this category. I am always glad to rub minds with productive thinkers and never-giving-up action takers!
  5. Be open minded. Don’t be rigid in your choice of job. One day a guy told me he needed a job and he asked me if he as a graduate can take up a receptionist job. And I said; ‘why not’. He applied and got the job. It was while doing the job that a man who is a regular visitor to the company asked him what his qualifications are and he asked him to bring his cv. Today, he worked in a bigger capacity that the man introduced to him. The question is; Will he have met that man if he had not taken the job?
  6. If however, you have money but what to do with the money is a challenge, I can give you business ideas that can catapult your money to greater measure with minimal risk. Just do me a mail if that is you!
  7. If you have idea but no money to execute it, I can share ideas on how to raise such fund no matter how huge the need may be.


                                         HOW ABOUT TRAVELLING OUT OF NIGERIA?

Yea, you can travel out of Nigeria to seek greener pastures but don’t go if you don’t know the terrain. Don’t go through the mountains and illegal and dangerous routes. Otherwise you endanger your life in the process of seeking job in a foreign land. You also need to know that;

Blessings of God don’t come from abroad, it comes from above.

God commands blessings on whomever His favour is upon. When God’s favour is upon you, it doesn’t matter where you live, you will flourish! It doesn’t matter how difficult where you live, there is a Goshen in every Egypt!!

Ironically, as there are people in Nigeria who want to travel out for job opportunities, so are there people outside Nigeria who dream to come work in Nigeria some day!

I strongly recommend that you get the book I published in 2011 by the title; THIS TIME SHALL PASS…….Finding God at difficult times.  In the book I highlighted the diiferent types of job seekers and how best they can get a job. I also highlighted on what to check if you MUST go abroad to work. The book is just N800.00 only.

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Friends, it is time for you to flourish. Allow no despair, allow no discouragement or disappointements and every ‘DIS’’ to put you down. The spaces at the top has no patent right!

Still Yours on this Platform


Adegboyega ILORI

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