Bag-of-MoneyElementary principles of economics has taught us that money is a medium of exchange. That money facilitate exchange of goods and services. Money is a legal tender that is used as a medium of exchange. And it comes in various forms; there is paper money and there are coins spent in different parts of the world. So, to get money, you need to exchange something for money. It may be a service or a products or goods. Everybody can identify money (perhaps for infants),  and everybody wants money in varying degrees. Unfortunately, not many people know the principles that drives money. Not many people know how to make money. Not many people know how to multiply money. Not many people know the best way to preserve money for the future. All these I will share from time to time on this platform.

In today’s world, many people have many funny understanding of money. Someone said in Yoruba; ‘’Enu Kinihun ni owo wa’’ (Meaning: “Money lies in the mouth of lion’’) So if you believe in this philosophy that money lies in the mouth of lions, then how do you access money that is in the mouth of a lion without being a prey to the lion? People who believe this kind of ‘theology’ believe that getting money is a tall order. Someone also think it is a do-or-die affair. That for anybody to access money you must be ready to kill the ‘lion’ in whose mouth money is lying. What a lie!

The other philosophy people have about money is that you got to struggle or hustle for money. Struggling and hustling do not mean the same with hardwork or diligence. If you know what to do and do it well, money will come if you continue in that stead. It is not struggle or hustling that guarantee money otherwise those who hustle hawking on the street should be richer than others who don’t.

It is also crazy to think that there are people destined to have money. What you think and believe can limit you or uplift you. There is nobody that is destined to be poor.  Yes, I know Jesus said;

“For the poor you have with you always…….’’ Mathew 26 Vs 11, Mark 14 Vs 7 and John 12 Vs 8.

We often qoute this scripture to justify our resolve to remain poor but you need to know that in the context of the above scripture, Jesus was not talking about money. He was passing a comment to his disciple who rebukked Mary Magdalene who poured expensive fragrance oil on Jesus. I believe what Jesus meant is that those who are poor in understanding you will always have them. To be poor in understanding is to reason spiritual things in money perspective! Assuming he was even talking about money, is it justifiable that you remain poor after Christ had become poor so that you and I might become rich through His poverty? 2 Corinthians 8 Vs 9

God created all humans the same though we may have different height, size or skin colour. And he also gave man same amount of time. Everybody all over the world have their own share of 24 hours. If you are interested in making money, what we do with the resources at our disposal will determine how much money we make.


Everybody have the same opportunity at getting money if you render a service or create a product or goods to exchange for money.


First we need to understand from my personal opinion that having money is not the same as being rich. And being rich is not the same as being wealthy. Though people use ‘rich’ or ‘wealthy’ loosely but both words have deeper meaning than money. Being rich is relative. Being wealthy is relative and both should not be considered only in terms of money. Generally, someone is considered to be rich by what you have in terms of money, influence, asset, etc. For me what I consider as ‘wealthy’ is what you do with what you have! So you get my drift now when I say, being rich is not the same as being wealthy. If you have money, influence, asset etc and you are not impacting lives, you are of all men most miserable because God gave you all those not for your selfish use but for the benefit of others around you.

Another flawed thinking about money that is common amongst our church brethren is the saying that ‘’Money is the root of all evil’’. Hey, if you believe that you believe a lie. That is NOT what the Bible says. The Bible says;

“For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil, for which some have strayed from the faith in their greediness and pierced themselves through with many sorrows”

1 Timothy 6 Vs 10

Can you see from above scripture that money is not the problem but greediness?

Ok, lets go to the subject matter of discuss;

                             3 AREAS WHERE MONEY IS HIDDEN

  1. Money is hidden in Ideas: Which idea do you have? What idea has been on your mind, most dominant and you are afraid to carry it out. Someone once said that the grave is full of men with ideas. I beg you by the mercy of God, don’t take your ideas to the grave. Pray about it thoroughly and begin to execute it. Ideas can be God given and it can be self-given. If the idea is God given, it can never ever die. If it is self-given you will struggle and it will eventually die no matter how long or how much effort you put into it.
  2. Money is hidden in your talent and skill: What Skill or talent do you have? Are you developing your talent and skill in any way? How frequently are you doing that? The challenge with many people here is that they know their talent or skill but how to convert the talent to cash is their challenge. If that is you, you can do me a mail via the link below and lets have a chat. Or better still, locate any successful person or persons in your field who may be willing to guide you in that area.
  3. Money is hidden in the challenges in your environment: The more problems in your environment, the more challenging the society is, the more money there is to make. It is possible to make legitimate money in any society or country where there are challenges. Interestingly, there is no society or country without a challenge! Think about the solutions to the problems in the environment where you live and you will be on the way to making serious money!

God is not against Christians making money but He is against you making it at the expense of your soul or salvation. He cares about how the money is made. Just imagine that Job was righteous and rich, same for Abraham. You don’t need to cut corners, cheat, defraud someone or defraud an organisation, deal in drugs or engage in prostitution or armed robbery, kidnapping etc to make money. If you have a relationship with God through Jesus, He will tell you how to make money. Truth is you can make money without God. But the money you make in unGodly way can never ever confer rest and peace of mind and you can never pass it on to the next generation. There are people who are stinkingly rich who are sick and stinking and no deodorant can clean them up because their money was from a dirty source ! Except you repent and become sober and regenerated in Christ Jesus, your life will end like the Biblical Nabal, the rich fool!!

Ladies and gentlemen, it just does not make any sense to claim to serve a BIG God and you live beggarly on people. It just does not make any sense to have a Father as rich as God and you languish in poverty and penury!

Friends, nobody has the monopoly of making money. Until you make up your mind to make money, you will be a spectator watching others make good, clean money!

Still Yours on this Platform


Adegboyega ILORI

Adegboyega ILORI is a Chartered Accountant and a financial consultant to a number of organisations and individuals. He has close to two decades Accounting and financial experience in different sectors of the Nigerian economy. You can follow him on twitter @gboyegailori, facebook @ Adegboyega A Ilori or adegboyega.ilori@gmail.com