couples pixI have received enquiries from some singles on whether they can kiss. Some even asked “when is the right time to start kissing and Romancing”. I am glad some of those who make these enquiries know sex is forbidden for singles who value the standard of God as prescribed in the Bible.

Like I have said and will always say and write, there are cultures at the time the Bible was written, where kissing is an acceptable way of greeting one another.  According to the letter written to the Church in Rome, it says and I quote;

“Greet one another with a holy kiss. The churches of Christ greet you” Romans 16 Vs 16.

In 1 Corinthians 16 Vs 20, Paul wrote to the Church in Corinth;

“All the Brethren greet you. Greet one another with a holy kiss”.

The Bible says greet one another with a Holy Kiss and if there is “Holy Kiss”, it is possible that there is unholy kiss. What many of you actually want is not Holy kiss but unholy kiss. Someone might be wondering which one is holy kiss? Although there was no video to show us what Bible time holy kiss was but I strongly believe that holy Kiss is a harmless kiss. Holy Kiss is kiss done with a pure mind, no infatuation or lust intended. I also do not think holy kiss involve mouth to mouth “resuscitation” as its the practice today. It is not possible that the Bible will endorse an act that is ladden with the undertone of sin among singles except all the people the Bible addressed were married people. I do not think all the people addressed were married. This is why I say, holy kiss is an harmless kiss.

The real reason I cannot endorse kissing for those who are yet to marry is that it can trigger hormonal charge apart from the health hazards it also carries. There are medical research report that indicate that HIV can be spread via kissing if you kiss a carrier whose gum or mouth is bleeding. Besides this health hazard, your body begins to trigger and hunger for more bodily touch as you kiss. Once you start to kiss you might get lost in your sinful passion and before you know what is happening both of you will be doing more than you bargained for. Every normal human being respond to stimuli. You respond to touch because the skin is one of the 5 sensory organs. So, singles have to be careful not to kiss just yet until they are permitted. In actual sense, there is nothing absolutely wrong with kissing but the timing has to be right and the person you’re kissing also must be the right person!


Yea, you may have done introduction but it is still not advisable for you to start to kiss just yet. Otherwise you will kiss and forget that what is after 6 is beyond 7. Just take an audit of your life and imagine how many people you have kissed and the relationship never headed anywhere. Introduction and or engagement ought to be a thing of joy but it can become a trap for you if you loose focus of the destination of the relationship which is marriage. It can become a trap to derail you from your life journey and take you to where you did not bargain to go.


Congratulations that you have gone to the registry and have done traditional engagement. Ideally with going to registry and traditional engagement alone or together, both of you are married. And it will be legal for both of you to do more than kissing. However, if you still desire to go to church for “white wedding”, you are not expected to touch or kiss if you still want to honour God with your bodies. Christian intending couples are expected to be guided by the instructions in the Bible. If the Bible says the bed undefiled, that is the standard. Its not right that you go to church haven been engaging in kissing and sex  after registry and traditional engagement. Why are you even in a hurry to kiss when introduction has been done, you’ve gone to the registry and traditionals out of the way but church wedding is pending? You have the whole of the life span of your marriage to kiss and do all that married people do, so why the haste? Your bride, your boo (as you guys say it now) is not going anywhere.

Friends, I know how it is when you are with your one and only, your honeypie and sweet potatoe. The only sugar in your tea. I know how it feels when you are seriously in love (or in lust) and you are burning with passion but what I am recommending is that you kiss with caution if at all you want to show physical affection to your partner. Kissing is not love as sex is also NOT the prove of love!

Ladies and gentlemen, there is no sweeter time to engage in kissing and romancing and other bedroom ‘gymnastics’ than when your Pastor says; “You may kiss your bride”!!

Still yours on this platform


Adegboyega ILORI

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