5 Reasons why you are not yet marriedThere are many people who ought to have been married but are yet to. Some know why they have not been married while many others actually don’t have a clue on why they are yet to despite and inspite of having suitors. Some even don’t have suitors or have the courage or conviction to speak to a lady for marriage.

  •  Friends, the following may be responsible for your not being married:
  1. According to God’s calendar for your life, it is NOT yet time. If it is not yet time, there is NOTHING anybody can do to help you no matter how annointed the person may be. Except somebody want to defraud you, there is no man that can fast track God’s mind or plan on anything! However, ensure you are not living in sin. Everything God created goes on in its natural cause until sin comes in. Sin prolongs the fulfillment of destiny, I pray you retrace your steps back to your Maker if you are already in sin.
  2. Your attitude: Someone once said; ‘’A bad attitude is like a flat tyre, except you fix it, the car will not move or accelerate well’’. Many single people have terrible attitude to their potential suitors and unfortunately turn around to blame some ‘’innocent witches’’ back home for their condition. Do you know how many relationship you have lost because of your heady and haughty spirit. You have an over-valued ego laden impression of yourself perhaps because of your seeming ‘’beauty’’ or ‘’prettiness’’ or the few coins or shillings in your account and the flashy car you drive around town, or perhaps because of who your parents are in the society. You have become a celebrity and you have allowed your vague popularity enter into your skull. Marry your fame then! Except you change your attitude, your altitude will be doubtful!
  3. Greed: Many of you single ladies are looking for a ready-made guy rather than work things out with a focused and determined guy. The more you wait, the longer it takes for you to find a spouse. Infact if care is not taken your greed will lead you to becoming a mistress for a wealthy man or the 6th wife of a busy man where all you will have is money but no peace of mind and genuine love because your greed for money has blindfolded you. And then you will begin to use marriage as practised in the old testament to justify your greedy disposition to marriage.

Some of you guys are still sampling and testing. You are looking for virgin to marry without thinking of the                    ones you deflowered. You think you will not reap what you sow? I pray God have mercy on you!

  1. Ancestral or generational Curse: Except you are Born Again and have gone through deliverance those unseen forces that have chained you down will not let you marry or progress maritally. The Bible says;

                 “We know that we are of God, and the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one”

                                                         1 John 5 Vs 19

If the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one, how are you sure they are not behind your                                 marital delay? What are you doing to break this satanic hold on your life? Do you even believe there is                             any satanic hold on your life in this area? Well, a Yoruba proverb says and I translate: “The day a mad                             man knows he is sick is the day the mad man becomes well”.

The day you come to yourself by the mercy of God, is the day you will begin to get serious about getting                          out of your condition.

  1. Love for Sinful lifestyle: Some of you singles are enjoying your sinful ways and so you don’t really care about marriage. What you don’t know is that everything God has created operate in time and season. You know how mango, oranges, maize etc  are scarce outside their season, that is how getting a spouse will be to you because you are looking for it outside your season. Let me give you further insight: You remember how guys used to swim around you, how you get a toaster nearly everyday? So, why are they no longer coming? You know how ladies were getting attracted to you before now. What do you think was happening or is happening? They are coming for you because its your season. Nobody throws stones at an unripe mango on a tree except the mango is ripe for eating!     See the consequences of your lifestyle in Scripture;

                  “We know that whoever is born of God does not sin; but he who has been born of God keeps                     himself, and the wicked one does not touch him’’ 1 John 5 Vs 18

If you continue to live in sin, you expose yourself to the wicked ones. If you claim to be of God keep                                 yourself from sin and sinful lifestyles like drunkenness, alcohol, malice, unforgiveness, deceit, rape and                         other antisocial behaviour.

Friends, there are more reasons why you may still be single but meditate on the above 5 reasons and                               look forward to my forthcoming book where I gave further deeper insight to this subject.

I appeal to you by the mercy of God, come to Jesus today. Jesus wants to give you all that He has                                     purposed for you because He actually died for you to enjoy what God (The Father) has created you for.                           Delay is dangerous my friend.

Please send a mail to me if you are truly tired of your present condition and lets continue this dialogue                           personally from there.

Still Yours on this Platform


Adegboyega ILORI

All scripture quotation are from the New King James version of the Bible

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