Anti-suicide-photoAre you tired of life? What is it that you are going through that has made you depressed and hopeless? What is that has happened to you that has never happened to someone else before? What is it that has happened to you that has never happened before? Friend, what happened to you is not knew. What happened to you will still happen to someone else somewhere. That means you will not be the last person to experience it.

One day, some 6 years ago, a young lady called me at about 11.30pm when I was about to have a deep sleep and rest from the days stress. Infact I was already dozing when my phone rang and the voice on the otherside sounded like the voice of a depressed and distressed person. I did not know her and she was not ready to say her name or how she got my phone number except to say; ‘’Someone gave me your number’’. Then she said further; ‘’Can I talk to you before I end it all?’’. Then she started sobbing. Gradually the sleep on my face disappeared as she emphasized the dastard plan she was about to carry out to end her life in her room while the rest of the family  were already asleep in their rooms. I asked what the problem is more than 5 times and each time she wept uncontrollably like a child who has just been told of the demise of her parents. In between wailling and crying she narrated her story;

“I was just discharged from the hospital after terminating pregnancy for my boyfriend some 4 days ago. I loved him so dearly but he proved to be Satan incarnate. He claimed to love me but I just found out he is a liar. I often come to stay the weekend in his house from school. And in the process he impregnated me. Unfortunately, I started seeing the otherside of him since the day I told him I was pregnant. The painful part is that all the while I was on admission for observation after the painful abortion he did not come to see me or even call. That was soul wrenching for me. That someone I love and who claim to love me will do that to me. I came from a family where nobody loves me. Love was far from me since I was a child and so I fell sheepishly for the first man that profess love to me……………….’’

The young lady in the story above eventually did not commit suicide after we spoke for over two hours. She completed her studies in the University and has moved on with her life. If she had committed suicide will she have completed her studies? Today she obviously does not feel the same way as she felt the night she called.

It is important that we don’t take decisions when we are in a terrible state of mind. Don’t take hash decision on a temporary problem. Suicide is a self inflicted hash decision that does not make sense. It just goes to show how naive we think of our problems and how poor our understanding of life and indeed God.

Everyone need to know that;

  1. Life is not fair but God is. God is fair and His love for His creation has no bias of race, color or tribe. Jesus that Christians profess died for all and NOT only for Christians. If you understand that Christ (God in human form on earth) died for you and I while we are yet sinners, you will be able to comprehend the magnitude of His love.
  2. God is the best insurer against the visicitudes of life. Man will fail because man is limited in scope, space, power, understanding and time. Only God can redeem human loss and not only restore what was lost but give what is better than what was lost. No insurance company in the world can do that.
  3. Every human problem is temporary. We make it permanent by the choices we make and the decisions we take.
  4. Our perspective on life issues shape our attitude to the issues of life.
  5. It is dangerous to think the end has come whenever we go through problems or challenges in life.
  6. It is dangerous for you to keep the burdens of life that we go through to yourself. A popular saying says; ‘’A problem shared is problem half solved’’. But be careful who you share your problems with. There are people who magnify problems or offer ‘’killing’’ advice, run from such people.
  7. Refuse to be a loner. Loners are usually lonely. Loneliness is a good breeding ground for depression and suicide.
  8. Every problem in life has come to test the stuff we are made of. Are you a weakling or a courageous man or woman?
  9. There is no such thing as end of the road on any matter even if the problem is a life threatening one. Why? With God all things are possible. What doctors call terminal is a medical opinion and an affirmation of their limitation. It is NOT God’s opinion and not a limitation on the power of God!!
  10. If your trust is in God, do what you can humanly, and leave what you can’t to Him. God won’t do for man what man can do for Himself.
  11. A destructive way can never ever bring about a constructive solution to a nagging problem.
  12. If you think nobody loves you, God does. He formed you in your mothers womb before you were born and His thought towards you are thought of good and peace. Feed on His faithfulness in times past. Think of His goodness in the past. What He did before He can do again and again.
  13. Find a Bible believing and teaching church or fellowship to attend. Praise God, pray to God as regularly as you can and see things change for the better.
  14. Read your Bible as regularly as possible. That is the easiest place to hear God speak to you concerning what you are going through. Spend quality time meditating on the word of God
  15. Any religion or doctrine that teaches you to kill others in order for you to go to heaven or paradise is a Satanic religion or doctrine. And indeed there is no true religion that profess killing of others. Unfortunately, people devise stupid ideology that has no substance in the ”Holy books”.  Accepting Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior and doing good deeds are the guarantee for you to make heaven and not in killing others or killing yourself as you kill others.

Friends, if you are not yet Born Again, you need to come to your Maker. God is waiting for you and it will be nice for you to give your life to Him and give Him a chance in your life and see Him turn your life around again. If you are already Born Again understand that the wilderness experience is part of Christian maturity. You cannot claim to be matured without having crushed some challenges and that is what the challenges you face now have come to check. Nobody goes through school without an examination. And the examinations of life come in different sizes, shapes and time in the form of challenges and problems. That is why James says;

‘’My Brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials’’ James 1 Vs 5.

Observe that above scripture did not say ‘’Count it all joy IF…….’’ but used the word ‘’when’’ because no Christian can pray away afflictions, trials, challenges and troubles.

Challenges are not meant to kill but to toughen. Sometime the troubles we go through is a reflection of what assignment God has ahead for us! How can you be a good minister of the Gospel if you are not a recipient of grace and of mercy?

The children of Israel went through the wilderness on their way to the promise land. Jesus also was in the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights as we read in Mathew 3 Vs 1-2 as the Spirit allowed Him to be tempted of the devil. So, how do you think you will be exempted from ‘wilderness experiences’’? The problem is that many of us just want the promise land experience we don’t want the wilderness part but without it we won’t get to the place God has purposed for us. Aaron and Moses were in the wilderness Genesis 4 Vs 27, Hagar and Ishmael were in the wilderness of Beersheba in Genesis 21 Vs 14. Can you see that the wilderness is part of life syllabus?

I pray for you that God will encourage you even as you feel discouraged. Jesus said;

‘’These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world’’ John 16 Vs 33

Friend, what Jesus is saying as you read this is; ‘’Be of good cheer’’. Jesus said ‘’Be of good cheer’’ 8 times in the Bible; Mathew 9 Vs 2, Mathew 9 Vs 22, Mathew 14 Vs 27, Mark 6 Vs 50, Mark 10 Vs 49, Luke 8 Vs 48, John 16 Vs 33 and Act 23 Vs 11. Everyone Jesus said ‘’Be of good cheer’’ to became well. I pray the same word heal you of whatever it is that has made you sick physically or emotionally. It is well with your spirit, it is well with your soul, It is well with your body in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen!

The troubles you see today, you will see them no more. BE OF GOOD CHEER!

Still yours on this platform


Adegboyega ILORI

NB: All Scripture quotation are from the New King James Version of the Bible.

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