Pastor Ike @ 50On 25th of December, 2014, Pastor Christian Ike, the Director of Learning at the Latter Rain Assembly (The End-Time church) turned 50. Pastor Ike as he is fondly called by church members is a long standing servant in the vineyard of the Lord. He is a thorough role model. An accomplished family man and a great teacher of the word!

At the birthday reception organised for him by his mentor, Pastor and Father, Pastor Tunde Bakare, were his mentor, his family, friends and well wishers.

Pastor Bakare spoke glowingly of his beloved son. He x-rayed his sterling qualities as; reliable, loyal, disciplined and hardworking. Pastor I S James also spoke beautiful and kind words about the golden boy. The event was colourful and a celebration of a worthy servant of God.

Before his Birthday, Adegboyegailori.com had an interesting chat (by proxy) with him and it is hereby served for your delight. Enjoy it:

1. How do you feel as you turn 50 in a few days time?

Very sober. Though full of appreciation to God for His faithfulness these fleeting years but humbled in knowing that there are still many things for which He apprehended me, as Paul will say, which I have not yet apprehended.

2Do you feel fulfilled as a clergy?

Fulfillment is a relative term and contextual. I am grateful to God for relationships he provided for me; the family he gave me: my parents, Wife, Children, My Pastor and his family, my colleagues, my Siblings, my Spiritual tribe, friends etc.

However, I am not yet fulfilled knowing there is still depth of work yet unaccessed. There are fallow grounds of grace to build up and step on. As my father in the common faith, Our Serving overseer, Dr Tunde Bakare will say, the ceiling of his accomplishment is the starting point for his spiritual children. You then ask yourself, where are you on that scale. The fallout is a yearning for greater stirring for greater capacity utilization.

 3. What is your biggest lesson in life?

Humble yourself under His mighty wings and leave the rest to Him. Secondly, when your security is in God, He sorts you out.

4. What advice do you have for the next generation?

Learn the life of submission, preferring others to yourself. Secondly, be conscientious in your service to God and humanity and avoid eye service like a plague. Never allow the temporary circumstances of life affect your conviction, walk and work with God. Never fall to the temptation of self-delusion in walking all alone in life; look out for matured elders, mentors in faith who for benefit of insight, hindsight and far-sight will stabilize your foresight.

 5. If you have the opportunity of asking God for ONE thing, what would it be?

Grant me more grace to serve you acceptably.



Adegboyegailori.com rejoice once again with God’s servant, Pastor Christian Ike and his family on the occasion of his Golden Jubilee. The years ahead shall be full of cakes and wine. Your barns will be full and your anointing will never run dry. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sir!

Please watch out for another exciting interview soon