dangerHi, quite a long time. I am sorry I have been away from this blog for a while. I have been engaged on some progressive ventures for the benefit of you and I and humanity in general.

Today, I am sharing danger signs in relationship with you with the aim that someone somewhere would be saved heart break and painful tears.

The Scripture teaches us that;

‘’………wisdom is profitable to direct’’ Ecclesiastes 10 Vs 10 (KJV). We also read that ‘’….Wisdom excels folly……’’ Ecclesiastes 2 Vs 13 (NKJV)

There are many danger signs in relationships that most singles unfortunately do not see until harm is done.  I pray you will not be a victim but one who would be wise to take precautions in your relationship.

The common age long adage that says ‘’Love is blind’’ has become outdated to the wise. Love is not blind but ‘blind’ people love. When you are in a relationship, especially a fresh relationship, there is every tendency to be carried away with lust and call it love. Lust arises when you are in a relationship for any other reason other than love. Lust is fleshly craving for something and its usually selfish and self centred. Sadly, the reality today is that many people are in relationship and indeed marriage for many reasons other than love. The people around you, your loved ones especially would have warned you. You also would have seen the signs but you failed to heed the warnings and you allowed your cravings rub you of an accurate and objective assessment of the person you were dating. While that relationship lasted, you were simply ‘blind’ to the apparent warnings in it until it was perhaps too late.

warningSo, what are the danger signs in relationships?

  1. Not knowing the fixed address of your partner: I don’t know where you guys met but if you are in a dating relationship with someone for upward of two months (8 weeks) and you don’t know her or his permanent address especially, you are simply in a gambling relationship. If anything happens along the line it would be foolhardy to explain that you do not know his or her address.
  2. Regular misunderstandings and conflict: If your relationship is experiencing regular misunderstanding and conflicts, you guys better watch it. Misunderstanding is normal in any relationship as you are both two different individuals with different ideology and It takes a while to understand each other but once you do, these misunderstandings should not snowball into frequent quarrels. Frequent quarrels are signs that you two are incompatible. Remember the scriptural golden question, ‘’can two walk together unless they agree’’?
  3. Sex and sexual Habits: By Bible standards, singles in a relationship are not expected to engage in sex and sexual habit no matter the pressure or the reasons for it. There is no reason too big for you to break the laws of God. Your love for God and the fear you have for Him will be seen by how much you keep His laws sacrosanct. Whoever cannot help you keep the laws of God does not deserve your time and attention. You cannot be a bedmate and a soul mate whilst you are single!
  4. Abortion:  If you have aborted at anytime in your relationship, be rest assured that that relationship may not crystallise in marriage. Why? Most guys don’t marry ladies that abort for them. Infact, the tragedy of fornication is that most guys don’t marry their pregnant single partners. So, you end up being a single mother.  Abstinence from sex and sexual habit remains the best habit!
  5. Relationship infidelity: If you have caught your partner in the very act of cheating, you got to be ready for the likely eventuality of parting ways. Why? What belongs to many people cannot belong to you!
  6. Rejection by family members: If for any reason your family members, especially your parents, brothers or sisters, cousins, aunties or uncles or respected elders in the family have any objection to your relationship with someone, you got to take caution. They may be wrong in their assessment but in most cases they are usually right. So, what do you need to do? Ask God for direction. The stronger you are spiritually, the easier it is for you to know if they are right or wrong!
  7. Different Values: If your values do not align there is no way your relationship can last. If both of you have your minds set in a particular way and way of life, there would be conflicts. You cannot take decisions in unison in any relationship like that.
  8. Different Goals in life: Once your values are different your goals in life can never be the same. Can two walk together unless they agree? Amos 3 Vs 3
  9. Lazy Partner: If your partner is lazy, it is a question of time he or she will rob off on you. And one thing lazy people have in abundance is poverty!Relationship danger
  10. Different modes of worship: If both of you do not have the same faith and believe in God, there is no way you can serve God or worship Him same way. Infact your values cannot be the same and that will ultimately influence your decisions. One of the two of you certainly will worship a god if not both of you.


I beseech by the mercy of God to digest these 10 signs and be guided accordingly in your relationship.

Till I come your way again soon, welcome to another season of exciting relationship tips and insight!


Adegboyega ILORI