For many reasons, some women do the unusual and the unthinkable. They do it for diverse reasons as will be revealed in this post. Generally, women are conservative in nature. Conservative and careful in who they give their heart to but like in law, there are many exceptions to this assertion. There are those who are flambouyant in thought and deeds. Such ones can dare anyone who has the liver to try them.

single1There are at least 2 kinds of women. There are;

    1. Decent and Considerate women: These are women who know what is right and do what is right. In virtually every aspect of them they observe decency and are generally homely, courtesious and considerate in approach and dealings.
    2. Indecent and inconsiderate women: These are women who know what is right but love to do what is wrong. What is wrong has become a habit to them because their peer group or the society they belong accept it. In essence, to them what is wrong is right for as long as their peers or indeed their frineds endorse it. These ones care less about how God feels let alone about how their partners or husbands feel. They are generally hard babes who may have become hardened by the visiccitudes of life, difficulties of living and experiences with men!

So, while the first category of women may not willingly consider chasing singles guys, (we will look at why they may) the second category will not care a hoot, as long as it meets their objective. The objective for their escapades may be to attain a goal; it may be for money or material substance and or power. They are the kind of women mostly at the corridor of power. Some of them are highly influential but totally indecent because of their hunger for money, power or for sexual satisfaction.

Why Married women chase single guys

There are many reasons why some married women do the unthinkable;

    1. Protracted absence of  husbands from home– One of the essential purpose of marriage is that a man should protect his wife from the elements, provide for his wife and indeed his family. In the course of seeking to meet your obligation as a man, you must guide against consistent and persistent absence from the home front. Some women are so decent that they will wait until their husbands come but some few really can’t.
    2. The love for money and what money can buy– The dangerous thing about money is that money, like human want, is insatiable to many. A woman who has insatiable appetite for money and the things money can buy will throw caution and decency to the wind and do what she wants to get what she desires
    3. The love for power and what power can accomplish– Some women crave for power, usually political power. And they won’t mind being screwed by a single or married guy that can help them accomplish their ambition.
    4. The love for fame– Most celebrities have challenges in their relationship because of their fans. Some women want the allure and the pride of fame and for this reason they don’t mind being in the company of any man or guy, single or married. They want to be known with a famous person and they don’t mind what it will cost to attain what they want.
    5. The love for fun and pleasure regardless of its cost or price– Some women just want fun and pleasure just for the fun of it regardless of its cost or price. For this reason they seek single or other married men for what their man does not have.



Dear readers, if you are an absentee husband, who is never at home for many valid reasons, for Christ sake, let your wife come with you wherever you live or work. It is not ideal and very unBiblical to marry and live miles or continents away from your wife and children.

Also, do the best you can to be a husband that your wife will be proud of. Be as open as possible. Remember the Scripture; ‘’And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed’’ Genesis 2 Vs 25 (NKJV). Compulsorily, your wife should be your best friend and confidant on ALL issues of life! Don’t live a lie, it is counter-productive to do so. Women generally love who they trust with everything they have! Forgive her as Christ also forgave you no matter what she has done!

And to wives, according to God’s standard (The Bible), there is no valid reason for you to chase other men or guys. Let your husband and indeed what he has be sufficient for you. Little is much when God is in it! Whatever your husbands’ inadequacies, please help him in any area where you can. If he is cheating on you, you should not pay him back likewise, otherwise, you just proof that you are also as immatured as him. Instead, keep praying. Share your emotions with Godly counselors who can best advice you.

It is my prayer that you and I will stay married forever according to God’s ordinances!

Till I come your way again

Yours Affectionately


Adegboyega ILORI


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