puzzleIt was Miliki King, now Evangelist Ebenezer Obey Fabiyi that asked an interesting life puzzle in one of his hit LP of yesteryears. He told a story in the LP of a man who was asked by God to choose one of these four ‘things’; 1. Money 2. Children 3. Patience  4. Longlife. The man in turn asked his wives same questions and each in turn chose one of the listed ‘things’ (different ‘things’) as they desire. This man and his family cannot choose more than one of the listed four ‘items’. They just must pick one and live with ONLY that one ‘thing’ for the rest of their lives!

Friends, if God ask you same question today, which would you choose? The truth is that all the four are good; we all treasure Money, we want money to enjoy the good things of life.  Also, every couple love to marry and reproduce. Patience we have been taught is a needful virtue and indeed we all desire to live long to enjoy life more abundantly.

If we are asked by God same question today, we all will certainly choose different things depending on what we want in life. If you choose money and God gives you money and you don’t have children, in this part of the world, one can die of mockery. One can be scorned to have used one’s libido for money making rituals. If you choose to have children alone, if you don’t have money how would you raise your children well? You cannot also raise good children without patience and longlife.

If you choose patience and you don’t have money and children, longlife is not guaranteed because people can derail you. If you choose longlife and you don’t have money, children and patience, you may likely die of deep frustration! What do we choose? Ebenezer Obey Fabiyi in that song, made a recommendation and gave reasons for his choice. He chose patience and said ‘’Anyone who is patient has all things in life’’! The reasons for this choice are;

  1. Patience is a necessary virtue of life
  2. If you are impatient you cannot accomplish the necessary things of life that make life worthwhile and interesting! Most of the great people in life worked through certain things patiently before they accomplished what they had. Inspite of failures in politics, in business, in career they kept re-trying until they became successful at what they do!
  3. Those who lack patience can do anything for money, anything to have children and anything to have long life.
  4. As a Christian, you cannot walk with God if you are not patient. Abram (later became Abraham) in the Bible had the same challenge. Himself and his wife (Sarai) agreed to have Ishmael through their maid, Hagar. It seem God was taking too long in giving them a child and thought it was a better choice to make.

As Christians, we need to know that there are two critical virtue needful for us to receive from God and they are; 1. Faith and 2. Patience. Without these two you cannot receive God’s promises for His children.lifepuzzle

In the Book of Hebrews 6 Vs 11-12, the Bible says;

“And we desire that each one of you show the same diligence to the full assurance of hope until the end, that you do not become sluggish, but imitate those who through faith and patience inherit the promise”

You cannot inherit ANYTHING from God without patience! Most sin that people commit against God is rooted in impatience. Those who take to armed robbery and crime in general are simply impatient. What they go to rob can be accomplished legitimately if only they were patient to learn the robes and go through process. Ditto for all societal vices that we see today.

There are people who have died prematurely because they were impatient. And there are people suffering one thing or the other in life today because they were impatient. Perhaps if the Biblical Esau had been patient to cook his own porrage, he would not have sold his birthright! He sold it to his twin brother and sought for it in tears later!

It may not be that you don’t have faith to receive from God but your problem may be that you lack patience. You need both FAITH and PATIENCE to recieve from God!

With patience you can accomplish everything you desire in life. You can have plenty of money, children and long long life with patience. Endeavour to be patient and with this virtue you can inherit God’s promises for your life!

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