The Four Leadership Qualities in Nehemiah

Extract from the Book; THIS TIME SHALL PASS by Adegboyega ILORI

Whatever it is you do, whatever it is you aspire to accomplish either personally or corporately or as a nation, the following 4 leadership qualities in Nehemiah will help you tremendously.


  1. Vision– Nehemiah had the vision to transform Judah and Jerusalem. He had the vision to take the nation from where they are to where they ought to be.
  2. Courage– Nehemiah had the courage to lead inspite of the letter Samballat, Tobiah and Geshem wrote to frighten him. Nehemiah 2 Vs 19
  3. Fear of God– Nehemiah allowed the fear of God to influence his official decisions in office. He did not burden the people like the former governors did because of the fear of God in him. Nehemiah 5 Vs 15
  4. Selflessnes– Nehemiah was a selfless leader. He put the comfort and the well- being of the nation above self. He was appointed Governor over Judah for 12 years, he and his brother did not eat the governor’s provision.-Nehemiah 5 Vs 18.


Imagine how transformed our nation would be if both followers and leaders in our clime had these qualities?