Habits that make Nations great

Applicable to individuals and enterprise

nationbuilding2Former Attorney General of Lagos State, who is also a Pastor, Professor Yemi Osibajo shared the following seven principles or laws that make nations great at ‘the platform’ 2010 organised by Covenant Christian Centre;

  1. Hardwork and diligence– Consistent application of hardwork and diligence will make a nation great. Merit must be recognised above ethnic consideration which is usually presented in the guise of quota system. Merit must not be sacrificed for quota system. Nations that insist on merit and hardwork are more successful than those that do not. Mediocrity will be the order of the day when you ignore merit and hardwork.
  2. The principle of Integrity– As a nation or people our words must be our bond. Stand by your word. Integrity facilitates trust. Trust is the most important currency in the world today. The absence of integrity defeat the greatness of a nation.nationbuilding
  3. Respect for credit and obligation– Repay what you borrowed at the agreed time. Only the wicked borrow and not repay. The puritans borrowed themselves money and they developed a strong economy. When there is no credit, business will be difficult to do.
  4. The principle of frugality– We must use our resources economically. A culture of savings must be imbibed. We must save towards things that are productive and stop the culture of conspicous consumption.


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